About Us


Picture of Wharfedale. Home of Blueberry Hill Preserves

This is our Inspiration

This is Wharfedale in Yorkshire, where Blueberry Hill Preserves is based. When you live amongst scenery like this and amongst the people who look after it, you become very aware of traditional quality, of the benefits of small-scale production and of knowing exactly what you’re buying. We’d like to think that we’re playing a very small part in the great British revival of high-quality, small-scale food brands but, most of all, we want you to seriously enjoy our superb preserves!

A Message from Rob & Lynn

Why Blueberry Hill Preserves?

As you might guess, there’s no Blueberry Hill near Wharfedale! There might be a Bilberry Hill, but Fats Domino didn’t sing about that. The truth is that Rob has sung in bands for years and he wanted a name that combined rock ‘n’ roll with food – not so easy. It’s also meant a lot of work to make sure that our signature Blueberry Jam is exceptional!

Where it Began

We’ve both worked for big food firms, but went to the other extreme over 10 years ago, when we started offering preserves and cheeses at markets and food fairs all over Yorkshire. The name and packaging were created after we’d spent time talking to successful artisan food producers about how we could make our preserves look as good as they tasted.

Our Passion

We spend a lot of time tasting our recipes and those of the growing number of other artisan brands. There are plenty of high-quality preserves out there now, so we concentrate on using really good ingredients that allow us to create big, but balanced, flavours. Maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing, but our customers want big-flavoured ingredients to express themselves.

Mixture of Blueberry Hill Preserves Products
Our Growing Range

The preserves that we list on the website are the recipes that excite us and our customers keep buying. They’re the result of lots of trial and error to get the recipes just right and they obviously have to meet our goal of 'big flavours and great taste'. But we’re always working on improving them and also offering new preserves that we think are just that little bit special. So it’s worth looking out for us at shows and markets, or checking the website, as there's always something new just around the corner.