Traditional Piccalilli

Traditional Piccalilli

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Piccalilli seems to attract intense interest from certain people and we seem to have hit the mark with the Piccalilli connoisseurs out there. The trick to an authentic Piccalilli is to highlight the individual vegetables within a full-flavoured mustard sauce, rather than making it into a thick yellow gloop! It’s delightful as the classic accompaniment to cold ham or cheese.

Suitable for Vegan Diets

Ingredients: Acetic Acid, Cauliflower, carrot, sugar, green beans, green peppers, red peppers, mustard powder, cornflour, lemon juice, ginger, salt, spices, xanthan gum (gelling agent)

Allergens in bold

Nutritional Information (per 100g):

Energy 136 kJ/33 kcal
Protein 01.1g
Carbohydrate 4.1g
of which: sugars 1.0g
Fat 0.6g
of which: saturates 0.1g
Fibre 0.9g
Salt 0.4g


Net Weight: 195g

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